Activation limits:
Hardware 2
Real 5
Demo 5
Published: 13.12.2020

EA Pump and Dump

Pump and Dump Expert Advisor is a fully automatic trading advisor created by a trader for traders.

The strategy of a paid forex advisor is based on an algorithm for identifying overbought and oversold zones of an asset based on the proprietary iPump indicator.

The basic meaning of the strategy is to buy an asset cheaper, sell it more expensive.
When using this indicator, the adviser identifies the most optimal buy / sell zones of the traded instrument, and then enters the market.

You have probably noticed that after a rapid rise in price upwards, it often falls back downwards. You can capitalize on such a situation using the Pump and Dump Forex Expert Advisor.

Advantages of Forex Expert Advisor Pump and Dump

The robot has an “Auto Risk Controller” – an algorithm for closing unprofitable transactions when the risk to the total account balance is exceeded, this function will save the account and fix the loss you have set in advance.

The mechanism for increasing profits is activated if the price follows the trend.

The Expert Advisor can suspend trading at a predetermined time interval in case of exceeding the risk management. For ease of control, an event signal will be sent directly to your mobile phone using Push notifications.

Online monitoring

General recommendations:

Time Frem: D1

Money management: fix. lot, autolot, averaging, capital protection function “Max_Drawdown”.

The recommended deposit is from $ 25 on a cent or from $ 2500 on a real account for 0.01 starting lot.

It is important to change the value in the Magic number when using the advisor on several pairs.

When using the Fist Lot function, I recommend taking 0.01 lot for every $ 1500 – 2500, depending on the risk.

Currency pair: EURUSD, EURAUD, AUDNZD and other range pairs.

Input parameters

Trading Settings

iPump_Indicator – indicator of the overbought / oversold oscillator at which the position is opened.

Multiplication_Profit = true / false – use of the profit multiplication parameter; when this parameter is enabled, orders are added only by trend.

Two side = true / false – If this option is enabled, the positions are opened by the fact of the presence of the signal, without waiting for the orders to close on the opposite signal.

First Lot – The initial lot of the order. When it sets to 0, the volume calculation will occur according to the percentage of balance function (Lot_Proc_from_Balance).

Lot_Proc_from_Balance – Calculation of the volume of orders depending on the balance with the subsequent automatic increase / decrease. If you set it to 0, the volume calculation will be performed using the First Lot option.

Shedule – advisor’s schedule. 

News Filter – true / false use of news accounting when opening new series of deals. If false, filter is disabled. To use, add this address to the allowed URLs.

Risk-management settings

Maximum DrawDown – the maximum allowable drawdown, upon which the unprofitable positions will be closed, in case of Delete Orders = True

Pause_hours_ after_error – the number of hours of advisor’s stop after exceeding the maximum drawdown limit.

Delete Orders = True / false – when this option is turned on,and if the maximum drawdown is exceeded, the EA will delete all orders and stop the trade by notifying you with a Push notification.