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EA Pump and Dump MT4

Pump and Dump Expert Advisor is a fully automated trading advisor created by a trader for traders. The strategy is “buy cheaper, sell more expensive”. Orders are opened after a significant rise / fall in price.

The strategy of the forex advisor is based on the method of using overbought and oversold zones based on the proprietary iPump indicator.

The basic meaning is to buy an asset at a lower price, sell at a higher price.

When using this indicator, the advisor identifies the most optimal buy / sell zones of the traded instrument, and then enters the market.

You have probably noticed that after sharp price movements in the market there is a significant rollback in the opposite direction, so-called “hairpins” are drawn, the EA catches moments of strong growth or fall in prices, and enters the market based on these signals. I explain in more detail in the video and in the screenshots.

Advantages of Forex Expert Advisor Pump and Dump

The robot has an “Auto Risk Controller” – an algorithm for closing unprofitable transactions when the risk to the total account balance is exceeded, this function will save the account and fix the loss you have set in advance.

The mechanism for increasing profits is activated if the price follows the trend.

The Expert Advisor can suspend trading at a predetermined time interval in case of exceeding the risk management. For ease of control, an event signal will be sent directly to your mobile phone using Push notifications.

Online monitoring


Input parameters

A complete list of input variables and instructions are described in this article.

General recommendations:

Time Frem: D1 Money management: fix. lot, autolot, averaging, capital protection function “Max_Drawdown”. The recommended deposit is from $ 25 on a cent or from $ 2500 on a real account for 0.01 starting lot. It is important to change the value in the Magic number when using the advisor on several pairs. When using the Fist Lot function, I recommend taking 0.01 lot for every $ 1500 – 2500, depending on the risk. Currency pair: EURUSD, EURAUD, AUDNZD and other range pairs.

Regarding risk control

As for the drawdown, the Maximum_DrowDown and Delete_orders functions are responsible for this.

The Maximum_DrowDown function is calculated as a% loss to the deposit, for a specific magic number.
When the specified drawdown threshold is exceeded in Maximum_DrowDown, and Delete orders = true, orders are automatically closed.

If Delete orders = false, you receive a notification that the drawdown has been exceeded and you independently decide whether to close deals or not. When the settings are set to Delete orders = true and Pause hours after error = greater than 0, and a situation has occurred with the specified drawdown exceeding, new orders will not be opened for the number of hours specified in the Pause hours after error setting.

For example, if you have specified Pause hours after error = 24, this means that positions will not be opened 24 hours after the drawdown is exceeded.

A robot is not a supermachine for printing money, it is a trading assistant that trades clearly according to a strategy, so if you think that the robot is holding a deal in the wrong direction, then sometimes you have to intervene and close the deals yourself.

On my accounts, I set the Max_DrawDawn indicator to about 30%, you should understand that most orders will be closed at average prices much earlier than the 30% drawdown,
let’s say 5-10%. 30% serves as that boundary mark, in case of force majeure circumstances, a very strong fluctuation of the market.
You also need to know that for such a drawdown, we need to adhere to the rule, 0.01 starting lot for 2,500 capital signs.
If your account is less than 2500 characters, I recommend opening a cent account.
The cent account type will allow you to correctly adjust the ratio of capital to the starting lot, as well as use a larger number of pairs in trading.

If you have a question, you can write to us at the contacts indicated on this page or fill out the feedback form.

13 reviews for EA Pump and Dump MT4

  1. English

    Clifton (verified owner)

    “Sergei’s blog and his trading experience is definitely rich and informative!

    He’s willing to chat and explain to me how he’s strategy works too.

    I been wanting to find a buy Low/sell high and this strategy suits my liking!

    He’s helped me with setup through teamviewer and he has good sets which he is generously sharing!

    Thanks for being around Sergei! 👊👍”

  2. Russian

    Mikhail Ryzhachenko (verified owner)

    Обновляю отзыв. Торговля идет в плюс. Автор помог в настройках. 5 звезд!

  3. English

    Brusm3 Jonathan (verified owner)

    “Very good EA and very serious programmer. Good help with setup and fast support and good advises during the way. Thumbs up!

    *** Update 13 Feb 19. Still going strong and stable. And im running on 1:30 leverage account EU/US regulated and that makes it even harder. Low margin and stable profits.

    *** Update 9 May 19. Still low margin and works safe and stable.

    *** Update Feb 2020. Still running. slow but steady.

  4. Russian

    Evgenij Trinchenko (verified owner)

    Удобно настраиваемый бот, гибкая торговая стратегия.

  5. Russian

    Anastasia Tikhomirova (verified owner)

    Отличный советник, торгует уверенно в плюс, поддержка Сергея на высоте, всегда вежливо ответит на вопросы, дает рекомендации с настройками, индивидуально под возможности вашего депозита. Спасибо большое Сергею!!!

  6. Russian

    Aleksandr Elfimchev (verified owner)

    Хороший советник, который я когда-либо использовал в MQL. Безопасная и среднесрочная торговля, это советник для вас. Хорошая работа и отличная тех. поддержка разработчика. Сергей тебе респект.

  7. English

    CESAR RODRIGUEZ (verified owner)

    Great results so far. EA is performing really well.

  8. English

    kentaroworlds (verified owner)

    Mr.Sergei totally helped me to solve my problem on my VPS. I always ask him my questions and he answered properly. This EA is nice and his support is wonderful too. I really appreciate his support.

  9. Russian

    1648966hh шевченко (verified owner)

    Очень Хороший Робот!!! пока тестирую на демо счете. Разработчик помог, большое спасибо Сергею, не смотря на то что я новичек в этом деле. Обязательно дополню отзыв когда буду торговать на реальном счете.

    Начала использовать робот на реальном счете, работает как и на демо, лучше всего использовать на 15 мин интервале. В общем просто супер. Сергею спасибо за помощь в настройке.

  10. Russian

    Андрей Паглазов (verified owner)

    Очень хороший помощник в торговле на форекс! Понятные и гибкие настройки!

  11. English

    Enrique Enguix Vino (verified owner)

    I have to put a nice comment for the management of these products. The author is really knowledgeable about his products and helps his clients with a lot of dedication. The best of the products is safe and they take care of your money.

    Edit 2020 November

    The EA has continued to perform well for a long time. I also develop my own experts for personal use, but the care of all the details of Pump & Dump is impressive, and I consider it to be one of the best products I have tried.

    Of course, you have to do a correct monetary management, as Sergei indicates and remarks in his notes. Personally, I have only made some small modifications to the expert’s sets, it seems to me that the parameters are adapted to the markets in which I use it, and it is not necessary to make major modifications (here it can be seen that he is indeed not an expert over optimized).

    For newer folks, I highly recommend reading the product manual. I think that understanding how it works is of great importance so as not to get scared by more difficult situations.

    My congratulations Sergei, you have all my respects

  12. English

    Marcos Barahona Parra (verified owner)

    Hello everyone, Today I bought this EA, and I hope to have good results, I will be commenting later. For now it seems to me that it is a good product, and also Sergey a good seller who cares for his customers.

  13. English

    Aaron Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I just buyen the EA, and the results of the tests are insane. Please keep offering thins kind of products.

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