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Published: 13.12.2020

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The iPump indicator is a versatile indicator that combines the advantages of three categories of indicators.

Indicator functions:

This function will be necessary for all traders who want to objectively assess the current market direction and avoid subjectivity. It will be clear and intuitive.

Using the iPump indicator, you can assess potential price barriers for an asset within a few seconds.

And also the indicator will tell you what type of level is in front of you:

For this task, the indicator has a non-lagging and non-redrawing signal oscillator, which shows the current state of the asset, and based on this data, you can:

Oscillator advantage:

This algorithm was actually able to help me and my colleagues and my colleagues in trading, this algorithm is used in the Pump and Dump EA.

The indicator will accurately show a signal when the oversold or overbought price is higher than usual. That will allow you to make timely decisions about the advisability of opening positions

The indicator processes the incoming data of quotes about the state of the price every second, which allows the trader to keep his finger on the pulse of the traded asset.

Input parameters:

Color – all variables containing the word color are responsible for the color coloring.

Levels Smoothing – smoothing the level zones relative to each other.

Levels Label Shift – the shift in the location of signatures relative to the right edge of the monitor screen.

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