Shareware license for programs

Dear fellow traders! 

We have the opportunity to provide you with our software for free at zero cost , shareware type of licensing  .

Wikipedia:  Shareware (English  Shareware , [() w ()], from English share – to share) – software with gratuitous (or reimbursable under certain conditions) use.


Brokers with whom we have signed a partnership agreement give you the opportunity to provide programs for free. 

We provide the broker’s clients with programs for free, the broker pays us for licenses. Thus, you can use free programs only with brokers who are our partners.

An affiliate agreement or affiliate program is your opportunity to use our products and services in trading on financial markets for free, licenses are paid by your broker.

The user pays nothing, no one pays for the use of programs from the site, the broker pays for the license.

Why is it beneficial for you?

  • The software is completely free for you.
  • Technical support is free for you.
  • All programs are simple and understandable even for traders with zero experience.
  • All programs are unique and have no analogues.
  • All programs are developed by a trader with more than 7 years of experience.
  • Each program has a technical description for use, customization in the form of text and video.

Why is it beneficial for us?

The broker pays for the license from their income from the spread or commission. According to the partnership agreement, we receive payment for the license as a percentage of the spread or commission that the broker earned. Thus, it turns out that the more profit a trader receives, the more the broker will pay us for the software. We are directly interested in the successful and profitable trading of each user of our programs.

Why is it profitable for brokers?

Just like us, the more profit a trader gets, the more the broker earns on spread and commission. The broker is directly interested in the success of their clients. In order for clients to earn more, brokers try to provide clients with maximum opportunities, including high-quality software.

How to get a license

To get free access right now, you need to follow three simple steps:

Step 1 : Register with any of our partner brokers  . On the page of each broker there are detailed instructions on how to register and what to do if you already have a personal account. Also on the broker’s page you will find a special code, indicating which during registration, the broker will know and understand who to pay for the license.

Step 2 : Fill out the  form   to connect free access. In the form, you need to indicate the number of the real account on which our software will be used, the e-mail address to which you will receive a notification about the connection of free access and simple instructions for setting up the MetaTrader terminal, as well as indicate the program you want to activate. If you are using a demo or demo account, then you do not need to fill out an application .

Step 3 :  Download whatever you want from our site and use it for free. Each program has a detailed text and video description. The program archive contains additional help and instructions.

You can test any program right now. To do this, use a practice or demo account. On the page of each program where there is demo access, you can request it. 

You can test any program right now. To do this, use a demo or demo account. You don’t need to fill out anything, just download any program and test it.

Types of licenses

There are three types of licenses for programs from

  • Free  – The license allows you to use the program for free, without restrictions. No further action is required.
  • Shareware  – The license allows you to use all programs for free, only with partner brokers.
  • Paid-Free – The license allows you to use all programs for free, only from partner brokers, and also allows you to buy the program directly through the site, just add the product to the cart and pay.

How does activation take place?

The process of activating the program occurs automatically when the program is first launched on a real account that meets the conditions of free access. An Expert Advisor, indicator or script automatically requests a key from the activation server. You do not need to enter any keys, you do not need to store and select keys for each trading account. The whole process of checking free access is done by the program automatically. While the program is running, activation is periodically checked.

If everything is done correctly, in the terminal in the upper right corner there will be a smiling smiley for MetaTrader4, and for MetaTrader 5 there will be a little man with a green arrow.

How to fill out an application

The application for free access is opened by the  link .

Enter your name in the name field

In the mail field, enter your work mail

In the account field, enter the number of the  REAL  account, you do not need to fill out the form if you have a demo or demo account.

In the broker field, select the name of the broker with whom the real account was registered.

In the terminal field, select the terminal for which a real account is open

In the program name field, select the program for which you want to check 

Choosing the place where you learned about us

Then press the button “Send request”

Your  account will be verified within 24 hours , the  average  verification  time is about an hour .

You will receive a letter about the result of issuing a license by e-mail indicated in the form.
If the email has not arrived, check your spam folder or add  [email protected]  to your whitelist.

If you have a question, write to the mail or to the support chat.

How to install the program

The instructions for installing advisors, indicators, scripts and other additional files are the same for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
Step 1.  Open the MetaTrader terminal in which we want to install the program.
Step 2.  Go to the top left in “File”, then “Open data directory”. The working folder of the MetaTrader terminal will open.
Step 3.  Go to the folder for MetaTrader 4 folder MQL 4 for MetaTrader 5 folder MQL 5.
Step 4.  Place files in directories:

  • Expert advisors in the Experts folder (4)
  • Indicator programs in the Indicators folder (5)
  • Programs scripts in the Scripts folder (6)

Then enable the “Auto-trade” button, in the settings (CTRL + O) enable Auto-trade and enable DLL import (the picture below shows exactly how to enable DLL). We do not use third-party DLL libraries, the programs use OS Windows system libraries, which are completely safe.


Question : Did you receive a notification about successful activation, but the program still does not work?

Answer : For Expert Advisors, Indicators and Scripts to work, DLL import must be enabled in your MetaTrader terminal. You can enable DLL Import as follows, open the MetaTrader terminal, click on the button in the “Tools” menu, then “Settings”, a window will appear in which you need to select the “Expert Advisors” tab, then put a checkmark “Allow DLL imports”. We do not use third-party DLL libraries, the programs use the OS Windows system libraries. Also, for automatic trading, the “Auto-trading” button must be pressed.

Also, when loading the program on the chart, make sure that the DLL is also expanded in the settings of the advisor itself.

It is very easy to do this, press F7 on the graph where the program is installed, you will open the program properties. Check the DLL checkbox there.

Question : I opened an account according to the instructions, but nothing happens, what did I do wrong?

Answer : you may not have sent an activation request, all real accounts must be sent through a special form that can be opened by the  link . All applications for free access are checked manually, the application verification time is up to 48 hours, but usually it takes no more than an hour.

Question : I want to order a program from you, how can I do it?

Answer : we don’t write, we don’t modify, we don’t fix, we don’t modernize programs to order.

Question : my broker is not in your partners, how can I get free access?

Answer : we work with a certain list of  partners , if your broker is not on the list, you can purchase the program directly on the website, just add the product to your cart and pay for it.

Question : How does tech support work?

Answer : In case of problems, in some situations, in order to help the user, we perform a direct connection to the user’s computer. For this, third-party software TeamViewer or AnyDesk can be used, preferably AnyDesk. When using TeamViewer, you provide technical support with a Login (consists of numbers) and a password, when using AnyDesk, only a login and when connecting those support, you allow access. During the work of those support, you do not perform any actions or manipulations with your equipment. In the process of providing those assistance, employees perform work online in your presence and under your supervision. You may be given advice on how to fix problems with your equipment yourself. Download the latest version of  AnyDesk  or TeamViewer .

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Write to us and we will answer, contact  technical support .

Вопрос: как купить понравившуюся мне программу?

Ответ: купить любую нашу программу Вы можете в напрямую в своем терминале MetaTrader. Для этого Вам нужно перейти во вкладку маркет, в поиске найти интересующую Вас программу и следовать инструкциям терминала. Следуйте шагам в подробной инструкции “Как купить и арендовать программу для MetaTrader

Вопрос: можно ли купить активацию?

Ответ: на текущий момент купить активацию ко всем программам или к одной программе нельзя. Вы можете купить понравившиеся Вам программы напрямую в своем терминале MetaTrader, во вкладке маркет.

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