How to run a robot on a VPS server


With the development of automated trading, VPS server becomes simply irreplaceable. After all, using robots in trading, it is very important to ensure their round-the-clock and stable operation. In this manual, you will learn how to run a robot on a VPS server and ensure its continuous operation.

Where to buy VPS

If you do not have the ability to keep the computer with the terminal always on, then it is better to use a VPS server. This will allow the advisor to work continuously 24/7.

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If you use several terminals in your work, the Mega NVMe tariff will be good and profitable.

How to connect to a VPS server

Go to the Windows start and in the search box, enter “Remote Desktop Connection”, or go to the “Start” -> “Accessories” “.

Enter the IP address and User Login that you received on the website of your VPS provider in the window that appears. Click “Connect”.

Now enter the password that was provided by your operator and click “OK”.

If you did everything correctly, the Windows Remote Desktop window will open. If this does not happen, check the accuracy of the entered data.

How to install an Expert Advisor on a VPS server

First, use the internet browser that you find on your remote desktop and download the terminal. After downloading and installing the terminal, login or create your account. To do this, in the upper menu of the terminal, click “File” then “Connect to a trading account” and enter the required data

In order to install the purchased product on SoftimoTrade, activate it for this device. You can learn more about the limits and activation rules in this manual.

If you need to transfer some other necessary files and programs to the VPS server, you can use it by simply copying files from the main device to a remote computer, or upload the files to any file hosting service and then download them on the server.