List of partner brokers

To get an advisor for free, you need to register with one of the partner brokers using our affiliate link. Next, open an account and write to me in Telegram or WhatsApp with the number of the open account and I will send you an adviser with a license to the account number you specified. My contacts are here.


Affiliate code – shzw


Affiliate code – t6t0r6t0


Affiliate code – 713154


Affiliate code – 4914453


Affiliate code – IB87066780


Affiliate code – 36622


Affiliate code – 5315168

It is forbidden to open accounts from: USA, Russia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Cyprus, China, India, Serbia, Baileys, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea


Affiliate code – 83872de7


Affiliate code – 164888


Affiliate code – 170002140


Affiliate code – 12942


affiliate code – 46653


Affiliate code – 166072

Suitable for European countries, it is allowed to open accounts in many jurisdictions.

If your broker is not listed?

If your broker is not on the list, send me a private message, I will clarify the possibility of issuing an adviser for your broker.

Minimum Balance Recommendations

The Expert Advisor is issued for real accounts, with a recommended minimum balance of $100. If your account is less than $1,000, then choose a cent account type, as it will be possible to correctly calculate money management on it, if your account is more than $1,000, then you can open a standard account type. To test the adviser, you can open a cent account from $100 and then increase the balance and continue trading. Trading leverage is desirable from 1:300 and above.

Step after registering and opening an account

After registering and opening an account, write me your account number in Telegram or WhatsApp in a personal message, after that I will help you with the settings and give you an adviser.

Why is it beneficial to you

  • The software is completely free for you.
  • Technical support is free for you.
  • All programs are simple and understandable even for traders with zero experience.
  • All programs are unique and have no analogues.
  • All programs are developed by a trader with more than 7 years of experience.
  • Each program has a technical description on the application, settings in the form of text and video.

Why is it beneficial to us

The broker pays for the license from their income from the spread or commission. According to the partnership agreement, we receive payment for the license in the form of a percentage of the spread or commission that the broker has earned. Thus, it turns out that the more profit the trader receives, the more the broker will pay us for the software. We are directly interested in the successful and profitable trading of each user of our programs.

Why is it beneficial for brokers

In the same way as we do, the more profit the trader receives, the more the broker earns on the spread and commission. The broker is directly interested in the success of its clients. In order for clients to earn more, brokers try to provide clients with maximum opportunities, including high-quality software.

RoboForex – is an actively developing broker

📆   Foundation year: 2009
💲   Min. deposit: 10 $
🎁   Bonuses: up to 155%
🏆   Contests: Yes
🔔 Signals : CopyFx
⚖   Regulator : Yes

RoboForex – is an international forex broker founded in 2009. The broker offers beginners and experienced traders more than 8 groups of assets and more than 12,000 financial instruments. The company takes pride in its quality of service provided to all clients.

Alpari – tradition and reliability

📆   Foundation year: 1998
💲   Min. deposit: 0 $
🎁   Bonuses: per trade
🏆   Contests: yes
🔔 Signals : PAMM / Mql5
⚖   Regulator : Yes

Alpari was founded in 1998 and today it is one of the largest brands in the global forex industry, continuing to develop dynamically. An impeccable reputation, an innovative approach to development, favorable working conditions. The company also has various promotions.

NPBFX – reliability since 1996

📆   Foundation year: 1996
💲   Min. deposit: 10 $
🎁   Bonuses: 60%
🏆   Contests: yes
🔔 Signals : NPB / Mql5
⚖   Regulator : Yes

Broker NPBFX is one of the most stable and reliable brokers on the market, providing its services for over twenty five years. The company offers trading in several markets at once: currencies, stocks and ETFs, indices, energies and cryptocurrencies.

Gerchik&Co – a new round in the Forex world

📆   Foundation year: 2015
💲   Min. deposit: 100 $
🎁   Bonuses: no
🏆   Contests: yes
🔔 Signals: Mql5 / TIMA
⚖   Regulator: Yes

Gerchik & Co provides traders with access to real financial markets. The company uses advanced STP technology, thanks to which all trading operations are carried out through a liquidity provider and transferred to an interbank. Founder is trader Alexander Gerchik.

Weltrade – secure broker

📆   Foundation year: 2006
💲   Min. deposit: 25 $
🎁   Bonuses: up to 100%
🏆   Contests: Yes
🔔 Signals : Mql 5 and Zulu
⚖   Regulator : Yes

Weltrade is an international Forex broker with 13 years of experience in finance, trading and internet technologies. We offer round-the-clock really high-quality service and an individual approach to each client. Our credo is responsibility and friendliness for clients and for partners.

IcMarkets – scalper broker

📆   Foundation year: 2007
💲   Min. deposit: 200 $
🎁   Bonuses: no
🏆   Contests: no
🔔 Signals : Mql5
⚖   Regulator : Yes

IC Markets is the ideal trading platform for traders using automated strategies. The order processing engine, located in the New York Equinix NY4 data center, processes more than 500,000 trades per day, with more than two thirds of all trades being executed by robots.

Forex4you –  trade with a trusted broker

📆   Foundation year: 2007
💲   Min. deposit: 1 $
🎁   Bonuses: up to 100%
🏆   Contests: yes
🔔 Signals : Share4you
⚖   Regulator : Yes

Forex4you offers its clients high-tech and professional services. Choose Forex4you as your broker, you will have access to the markets using No Dealing Desk (NDD) technologies with market execution. There are different types of accounts, contests, copying systems.

InstaForex – №1 broker in Europe

📆   Foundation year: 2007
💲   Min. deposit: 1 $
🎁   Bonuses: up to $ 10,000
🏆   Contests: yes
🔔 Signals : ForexCopy
⚖   Regulator : Yes

The priority area of ​​our work is to provide a full range of services to each client at all stages of work, from opening an account to withdrawing funds. InstaForex offers a huge number of quality services for traders and investors. Interesting contests and copying systems.

Just2Trade – trade stocks and forex

📆   Foundation year: 2007
💲   Min. deposit: 0 $
🎁   Bonuses: Per trade
🏆   Contests: yes
🔔 Signals: Mql5
⚖   Regulator: Yes

Among the companies operating in the Forex market, bank brokers are especially valued. Large financial corporations have been providing the most reliable trading services for the entire range of financial instruments, including currencies, since the late 1980s.

AvaTrade – our task is your success

📆   Foundation year: 2006
💲   Min. deposit: 100 $
🎁   Bonuses: yes
🏆 & nbsp; Contests: no
🔔 Signals : Zulu / Dupli / +
⚖   Regulator : Yes

Broker AvaTrade was founded in 2006. The main value of the company is innovation and an impeccable reputation. Forex traders, beginners and professional clients, have always been and remain in the first place. Maximum quality service.

XM – is a large and reliable broker

📆 Year of foundation: 2009
💲  Min. deposit: 5$
🎁 Bonuses: for trade
🏆 Contests: yes
🔔 Signals: Mql5
⚖  Regulator: Yes

The demand for the services of the broker is explained by the team’s well-considered approach to the development of the chosen business model. Trading Point Holding was founded by professional foreign exchange traders who came to the industry with innovative ideas.

What is a broker?

A broker is a company that provides its clients with access to trading on financial markets. To trade financial instruments, you need to have licenses, software, price traffic, brokerage accounts. It is almost impossible for an ordinary person to gain access to financial markets on their own. A broker is a company that organizes, services and provides an opportunity for ordinary traders to trade in the financial markets.

What do I get when trading with a broker?

Most brokers provide their clients with free MetaTrader software, free access to price streams, free brokerage account maintenance. You will get the opportunity to create a demo trading account with a virtual amount of money and learn how to trade risk-free. Almost every broker offers its own unique trading conditions, deposit bonuses, trader contests, copy signals, investment accounts and portfolios.

How does the broker make money?

The broker earns on the commissions paid by the trader for the transaction, and many brokers also earn on the spread.

What markets can I trade?

Most brokers provide clients with access to such markets as forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, futures, options and others …

Do you need any documents for trading?

Trading in the financial markets requires proof of identity, as well as the adoption of capital protection regulations and money laundering policies.

How much money do you need to trade forex?

For forex trading, the amount of money or in other words the deposit is not the most important thing. Regardless of the amount, it is important to be able to make money. There are brokers that allow their clients to trade with bonus or competitive funds. Thus, it turns out that you do not need to invest your personal funds. Regardless of the amount on your account, the result of the trade depends only on you.

How to choose a broker?

Choosing a broker is not an easy task. What is the most important thing for you? Maybe it’s low spreads, big prizes in Forex contests, a quick way to replenish and withdraw earned funds. For many traders, an important indicator is the broker’s reliability, the period of work in the financial markets and positive reviews. Our software is provided free of charge by brokers with over 10 years of experience in the financial markets. Our partners are time-tested brokers with a wide range of services and high quality of service.

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