Trading robots, advisors for successful trading

Trading robots, advisors for successful trading

Welcome to the Forex Expert Advisors and Trading Applications Store page for the SoftimoTrade trader!

On the pages of our forex store, you can purchase the following types of goods:

✔ buy a trading robot

✔ download free forex advisors (the site contains a number of interesting developments, in free access)

✔ buy unique proprietary indicators

✔ purchase trading utilities

✔ free download or buy forex scripts

Mission of the SoftimoTrade project

Increasing the capital of various segments of the world’s population by creating and selling high-quality trading robots and programs for working in the financial markets. Thus, the ultimate goal is to give people the opportunity to receive a passive source of income and do things that are truly interesting for them.

Live Proof in real trading

Our forex robots are tested on REAL money accounts.


Only copyright programs from a trader for traders.

Free Updates

All the updates are free in the future. Pay once, get it for lifetime.

Professional support

Competent and prompt help.

Who is the author of the trading robots presented in the store?


Hi, my name is Sergey Batudaev, I am a professional trader and a developer of trading robots and trading utilities in company SoftimoTrade. My programs are popular because I only share what I use when trading and what really helps to be more effective than other traders in the market.

I have extensive experience in financial markets, namely:

✅ more than 6 years of experience in trading in financial markets

✅ work experience in a brokerage company

✅ more than 3 years of experience in developing trading robots

✅ more than 6 years of experience in trading in financial markets

✅ work experience in a brokerage company

✅ more than 3 years of experience in developing trading robots

Also, I have a Master’s degree in Finance and Credit, which in turn gives me a deeper understanding of financial markets and the economy in general.

The time to active now!


Automate Your Trading with Expert Advisors

An Expert Advisor (also known as a Forex Robot) is a stand-alone computer program designed to automate your trading and free you from the need to constantly monitor the market. The Expert Advisors are written in MetaQuotes Language 4/5 (MQL 4/5), the fastest and most functionally valuable language in the world.

The Expert Advisor automatically analyzes the market, calculates a strategy and places orders. EAs can communicate directly with the broker through the MetaTrader platform and can manage all aspects of the trading process, such as entry of positions, risk management and stop adjustments.

Our forex robots and utilities

The store currently offers more than 5 types of advisors, a trading indicator, several utilities and scripts. Over time, with new profitable algorithms, the store will expand and grow. Subscribe to our newsletter and you will be aware of new products.

We wish you a profitable trading with the advisors from SoftimoTrade!

softimotrade products in mql5 market

Book “Just do it! 5 commandments of profitable trading”


Trading robot Impuls Pro


iPump Indicator


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