Description of all variables of the Pump and Dump Expert Advisor


Shared Variables

Control_Max_spread- true / false enable / disable maximum spread control

Maximum spread – the maximum allowable spread size. It is important if the spread is greater for the tested currency pair, then positions will not be opened

Magic Number – magic number of the order

Two side trade – if true then hedging is allowed. The setting allows trading in two directions without waiting for a trade to close in the opposite direction.

Fixed first lot – starting lot for the first deal in the series

Maximum number of trade allowed in one bar – the maximum number of entry points in one bar.

Manual iPump settings

Time frame for analysis iPump to find the entry – time frame for analysis by iPump indicator to find the entry point

iPump sets for buy – parameter of the iPump indicator for a Buy signal

iPump sets for Sell – a parameter of the iPump indicator for a Buy signal

Use confirmation candle – use a bullish / bearish confirmation candle in the desired direction after receiving a signal from iPump

TF confirming candle – time frame confirming candles

Manual Settings Averaging

Use averaging for losing trades true / false – incl. off averaging for losing trades.

Distance between averaging orders – distance between averaging orders.

Step from the first order to the averaging order – the step between the first order and the averaging order

Plus – the number of points added to the breakeven level for the averaging series

Use the same lot for all averaging orders – when true, all averaging orders will be opened with the same lot size as the starting lot.

Multiplication factor of averaging orders – the factor for increasing the lot size for averaging orders

Use manual placement level for averaging – when true 300 points before the next averaging order, it will be possible to correct its location.

Accounting swap when closing – when closing deals, cover the accumulated swap in TP, that is, compensate for the negative swap at the expense of a large TP.

Settings Manual Take Profit

TP size in pips – manual TP size in pips, works when Auto_calc_TP = false

TP calculation price – from which price to calculate TF for orders.

Settings Trend

Filter by the trend – use trend accounting when searching for an entry point

Use double trend confirmation – when true, to open a position, the trend must match at 2 TF

TF_Trend_1 main trend to enter – selection of TF for the main trend

TF_Trend_2 additional trend to enter – select TF for a secondary trend

MA type for Trend – MA type for calculating closing positions when the trend changes

Price type for MA – MA price type for calculating the closing of a position when the trend changes

MA period – moving average period

Money Management

Risk Control Option Selection – setting for choosing in what risk will be controlled, in% or in pips

Max_Loss in% in% – maximum risk in%

Max_Loss in% – maximum risk in pips

Close orders in excess Max_Loss – when true, when the drawdown level is exceeded, orders will be closed immediately at the current loss, when false, you will receive a notification that the drawdown has been exceeded and decide for yourself whether to fix the loss.

Alert when the Max_Loss is triggered – alert when the set loss threshold is exceeded

Push when the Max_Loss is triggered – enables push notifications when the set loss threshold is exceeded

Max_Loss stay by price – when true, the loss fixing line will be located at the initially specified price level and will not change when adding averaging orders, respectively, when adding averaging orders, the value of the maximum allowable loss will also increase.

Price type for calculating the Max_Loss – the setting is used to select at what price to calculate the maximum loss threshold, from the first order or at the average price

Pause in hours after deleting orders at Max_Loss – pause in hours after Max_Loss is triggered

Show SL in statement – show physical stop loss, works only if Close orders in excess Max_Loss = true.

Show Stop Out – display the stop out line on the chart.

Source data for calculating% functions – select the option from which to calculate the parameters using% when calculating. (Balance / Equity / Free Margin)

Settings Auto Lot for trade

AutoLot true / false – off / off automatic lot calculation.

Auto_Lot_money_per_min_lot – the value of the amount of the deposit currency per 0.01 lot. for example, you specify 2500 in this window, and your deposit = 5000, then the starting lot will be equal to 0.02 lots. It is recommended to set the value 1500 -2500.

Auto_lot_calc – option for calculating auto lot, equity / free margin / balance.

Auto sets TP and Distance for averaging

Auto_atr_TF – тайм фрейм для расчёта среднего хода цены  для выбранного ТФ. Для расчёта берётся не стандартный АТР, а True ATR, аномальные бары не берутся в расчет.

Auto_atr_period- в данной настройки указывается какое количество баров  брать для расчета. Беруться последние N свечей выбранного ТФ.

Auto_atr_calc_in_days – через какое количество дней производить перерасчет показателей.

Auto_calc_TP – off / off automatic calculation of TP, if false is taken from TP size in pips.

Auto_calc_Dist – off / off automatic distance calculation.

Auto_calc_Step- off / off automatic calculation of the step for the first order of averaging. …

Auto_calc_Plus – off / off the automatic calculation of the plus parameter.

Auto_coef_TP – coefficient for TP, calculated based on the daily ATP value.

Auto_coef_Dist – coefficient for the distance, calculated based on the daily ATP value.

Auto_coef_Step – coefficient for the step, calculated based on the daily ATP value.

Auto_coef_Plus – coefficient for the step, calculated based on the daily ATP value.

Auto sets iPump

Auto iPump sets – enable / disable automatic calculation of values for the iPump indicator.

Coefficient for multiplying the average iPump – coefficient for multiplying the average iPump value for the current pair

TF calculation of the average iPump coefficient – TF for calculating the average value for the iPump indicator

Recalculating the index every N days – the function allows you to recalculate values every N days

Auto sets SL

Auto parameter maximum loss in pips – enable / disable the parameter for automatic calculation of stop loss in pips based on ATR

Auto_coef_Sl – ATR coefficient for automatic calculation of stop loss in pips based on ATR

Permission to open short/ long position

Allow buy trades trades – enable / disable permission to open buy positions

Allow sell trades – enable / disable permission to open sell positions

Settings work time Schedule 

Settings work time Schedule – in this setting you can set the time when the advisor is allowed to work and when not.

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