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EasyTradePad MT4

EasyTradePad is a trading panel for manual/semi-automatic trading. Working with positions and orders, calculating money management in one click!

Main functions

  • Opening and closing an order
  • calculation of SL and TP in points
  • calculation of SL and TP in % of the deposit
  • calculation of SL and TP in $
  • automatic calculation of the ratio of profit to
  • risk (Ratio)
  • pyramiding

The panel will gradually open additional trades as the trade approaches the originally specified TP. At the same time, you can set a % risk reduction for each next order, thereby reducing the risk for each new transaction and building the correct pyramid according to the trend. The number of additional transactions is easily set in the settings.


By enabling the averaging function, the opened position will be closed at the average price. Also on the chart, you can independently select levels for placing averaging orders.

Averaging can be turned on and off, so those who are not fans of averaging can simply disable this feature.

Transfer to breakeven

This setting allows you to transfer the SL to the level of the position opening price, taking into account the spread and swap, the SL is transferred after the price has overcome the distance specified in the Breakeven Triger setting.

Trailing stop in pips and candlestick shadows

Trailing works in two ways:

  1. by points (there are settings for start, distance, step)
  2. by candle shadows, with the ability to select TF candles

Three founding principles on which the panel was created

  1. ease of understanding and opening orders
  2. ease of management
  3. reliability and security when opening transactions

It was on these three stones that I began to draw up a plan for creating this panel, and now you can check this by purchasing a panel in our store.

3 reviews for EasyTradePad MT4

  1. English

    Wessam Adib (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with the possibilities of EasyTradePad, very few trade manager do both, Averaging and Pyramiding. I’m still wrapping my mind around it’s features. Waiting for more information in English. And Sergey is answering all my questions. Thank you for sharing.

  2. English

    krisnara123 (verified owner)

    Excellent product from Sergey. This is a superb and very intuitive trading panel .It is very easy to set the position size and the pending orders and complex orders .Every pending order is given enough details such as the amount risked ,the no of the pips etc. The other good feature is the ability to customize your parameters and save them, which is unique. Sergey is also very responsive and as a nice bonus he shared the video tutorials he has created for this product.

    • Russian

      Sergey SoftimoTrade

      Thanks, dear!

  3. English

    Prince Dim Ansah (verified owner)

    your easy tradepad is very good tool, but i wish you could add and option to trail stop when in compounding mode, i noticed it only breakeven during compounding mode.

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