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EA Long Term Strategy

Forex Expert Advisor Long Term Strategy is a trend Expert Advisor that trades using a fixed stop loss, which does not use averaging and martingale.
The advisor can be used on large investor accounts without fear of draining the deposit, since the advisor uses safe money management strategies, of course, you must indicate adequate risk for the transaction.

The Long Term Strategy Expert Advisor is a multi-level trading system based on the CCI, RSI, MA, ATR indicators

Thanks to the list of these indicators, the advisor determines the exact zones for entering the market and monitors the current trend and market state.

Forex Expert Advisor Long Term Strategy  for MetaTrader 5 is a stop loss Forex advisor, the size of which you can change while testing and optimizing the strategy.
Trades are opened only following the trend, based on the Moving Average indicator readings.
If the signal changes, some deals of the strategy may be closed earlier than the designated stop loss and take profit.

Advantages of the advisor:

It is easy to check on the indicators of the volume of transactions, they do not have sharp jumps.

When the global trend changes and there is a position, the advisor closes trades without waiting for the full number of stop loss points

The EA has several entry points, which helps to determine the most accurate zones for entering the market. At the time of tracking the position, the advisor can close the deal partially or exit without loss.

Currency pair: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.

Time Frem: M15

Money management: fix. lot, autolot. Recommended deposit from $ 100. Fixed stop loss for every trade.

When the global trend changes and there is a position, the advisor closes trades without waiting for the full number of stop loss points.
The EA has several entry points, which helps to determine the most accurate entry zones. When receiving a profit, the advisor can close the deal partially or go to breakeven.

If the EA does not open trades in the tester, check a few settings:

1. there must be permission to open trades, Allow_Sell_Position = true and Allow_Buy_Position = true
2.MaxSpread – maximum spread for opening orders. If this indicator is exceeded, a new order will not be opened. The default value is 2 points for 4-digit quotes, that is, for 5-digit quotes it will be 20 pips.


Input parameters

TimeFrame – Recommended to use TF M15.
TakeProfit_Pips – take profit in pips.
StopLoss_Pips – stop loss in pips.
Breakeven – the number of profit points when the position is moved to breakeven.
Breakeven_Level – the level after which the position will be modified to breakeven.
Max Loss pisp for orders – drawdown in points for closing Buy and Sell orders when the signal changes.
Long Trade – allow opening sell positions.
Short Trade – allow opening buy positions.
Use_vizual_SL – the ability to enable/disable the virtual stop loss.

Risk management

FixedLot – trading only with a fixed lot, set 0 to disable.
Auto_Lot – with a deposit of $ 100 and Auto_lot – 1 lot 0.01, with AL – 2, lot 0.02. Further, the lot will increase based on free funds, that is, already with a deposit of $5,000, and AL – 1 lot will be equal to 0.5
Rec_Deposit – true/false – deposit recovery mode when receiving an unprofitable transaction, increasing the lot of the next transaction when receiving an account.

Indicator settings

Moving Average, CCI, WPR, ATR – set the values ​​of the periods of these indicators, as well as filters for entry and exit.

Broker control

MaxSpread – maximum spread for opening orders. If this indicator is exceeded, a new order will not be opened. If your broker’s spread is more than 30 pips by 5 (30 pips is the default), change this value as orders will not be opened.
Slipage – allowable slippage.
MagicNumber – the magic number of the order.

General recommendations

Recommended currency pair: EURUSD and other. For other pairs, optimize, with sets for optimization, I will help.
Time Frame : M15
Money management: fix. lot 0.01 lot for every 100 $, autolot = 1.
Recommended deposit from $ 100. Fixed stop loss for every trade.
Broker – ECN broker with narrow spread. IC Markets, Alpari ECN accounts.

8 reviews for EA Long Term Strategy

  1. Russian

    Pavel Monogarov (verified owner)

    Отличный советник. Автору респект! Всем рекомендую

  2. Russian

    Deletant Kto (verified owner)

    Хороший бот, поставил себе в портфель среднерисковых после прогона

  3. English

    Aravind Aravind (verified owner)

    Good EA. Catches the trend retrace nicely. Less number of trades but hopeful that it builds the account steadily in the long term!

  4. English

    Peter Swaby (verified owner)

    This is a very good expert adviser and Sergei will help you with set files etc. I have made some money with it and recommend it.

  5. English

    Bradley Onslow Nicholson (verified owner)

    A robust EA that will generate a stable income without the fear of losing all your money.

  6. English

    waltfont waltfont (verified owner)

    I have from Sergei Pump and Dump, Screener, ipump indicator. But I prefer this one for giving me a conservative strategy. I care the risk management much more than profit, and when an EA is offering me 75% winning rate with a 0.6% DD at 0.01 lots… well, it is perfect. You can build up a real Money management. Working on a live account.

  7. English

    EA seeker KIM (verified owner)

    The author is kind and reliable!! He has been running signals for so long!

    That’s why I bought his EA. Thank you Sergei. Keep it up!!!

  8. Russian

    Ivan V (verified owner)

    Эксперт показывает хорошие результаты на реальном счете. Большое спасибо Сергею!

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