Overview of the semi-automatic Expert Advisor Averager Helper

Forex Expert Advisor Averager Helper was created as a tool that allows you to close hung-losing trades using the averaging technique.

In what situations this Expert Advisor can be useful:

  • you have several losing trades left hanging and you want to average them out
  • you have locked the position and do not know how to properly destroy the lock
  • you have opened a position but do not know how to properly average the deal and get a profit

What you need to understand when using an adviser

The most important thing is that you should understand what averaging is and how to use it when trading.

Only after that you can use this Expert Advisor, as it only automates the mathematics of calculating the size of the transaction and the levels of placement of additional orders.

How to use the Expert Advisor in fully automatic mode

You can use the EA in fully automatic mode, just turn on the buttons as shown in the screenshot for the EA to trade automatically.

Advisor work options

Averaging Helper – helps you average out your previously unprofitable positions using two techniques:

  • standard averaging
  • hedging with the subsequent opening of positions on the trend

Description of the Averager Helper utility

The utility has the ability to sort out several open positions in different directions at once, both for buy and for sell. For example, you opened 1 position for a sell and the second for a buy, and they are both in the red, or one is in the red and one is in the black but not enough, and you would like to average these two positions in order to close the trades in the plus – my Averaging Helper utility will help you with this.

Averaging Helper utility – allows you to automatically calculate the size of the next position, the price of placing an order, the direction for averaging your position and closing it in plus with the take profit size that you specified.

The utility also allows you to open positions using the Buy and Sell buttons. You just need to specify the desired take profit size and starting lot. The utility itself will close the position either at the originally specified take profit or average the position, and will try to close it at the average price, taking into account your take profit set for the averaging series.

In fact, this utility will be a very useful assistant for those who accept and understand the logic of averaging, and are also aware of the risks. In 95% of cases, this technique will help you get out of trades in + plus on full automatic.

To start working, simply drag the utility onto the chart, set the TP size for averaging and click the Start Averaging button, and the utility will try to close all open trades on the chart by a single take profit on its own.

When using this utility, your initially opened trade should not be large and you should understand the margin of funds, since the adviser will open the next trade with a volume equal to your open trade, build an average TP, and then if the price does not go in the right direction, it will add the same lot volume multiplied by the averaging coefficient, and this may be several times until the trade is closed, so experiment first on a demo account before using it. Also, if a position has a SL set, the EA will cancel it and set the Maximum % of loss for all position you specified in the settings, a single stop loss is canceled because it is impossible to perform the averaging logic with it.

In order for the adviser to average your losing trades and try to bring them into profit, just drag it onto the chart and click the Start Averaging button.

Also, the adviser can independently conduct automatic trading, to do this, turn on the Start Auto Trade button and the Start Averaging button, the adviser will automatically conclude transactions.

There are BUY and SELL buttons on the panel, you can make deals directly from the chart using these buttons, setting the starting lot and TF, and if the deal goes in the wrong direction for you, you can average it by pressing the Start Averaging button and the adviser will try to close it in a plus. When opening orders from a chart and auto trading, the pass TP is taken from the TakeProfit setting on the panel.

Where can I download a demo version?

Buy Averaging Helper trading application in the store of automated robot systems

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