Good day! I would like to share instructions for setting up email!

Sometimes you may be expecting a useful and fresh message about markets or a published advisor from me, but the email never arrives because it ends up in SPAM. What can you do to prevent this from happening? I have prepared a small instruction that will help you. Instructions for the main email services: Gmail, Yandex,

Instructions for

  1. Go to settings

2. Select the section “Filters>Create a new filter”

3. In the “From” field enter:

and then click “Create filter…”

4. Check the boxes for the required settings and click “Create filter”

Instructions for

1. Go to settings and select “Rules for processing letters”

2. Add to the white list:

Instructions for

1. Click “More” and select “Settings”

2. Next, select the “Filtering Rules” item

2. Next, select the “Filtering Rules” item

4. In the “From” field, enter

→ in the “Place letter to folder” item, select “Inbox” → check the “Mark with checkbox” box → in the “Apply to letters in folders” field, select “Inbox, Spam” → click “Save”

That’s all, have a nice day everyone! Let’s stay in touch!

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