How to get an advisor for free

Step-by-step instruction

In order to get an adviser for free, you need to do only 3 steps.

1) Register with a partner broker using our affiliate link

P.s. if you are already registered, or do not know how to properly register to receive an adviser, open the instructions tab, it is indicated for each partner broker.

2) Open an account

3) Write us the account number and we will issue you an advisor

Why is it beneficial to you

  • The software is completely free for you.
  • Technical support is free for you.
  • All programs are simple and understandable even for traders with zero experience.
  • All programs are unique and have no analogues.
  • All programs are developed by a trader with more than 7 years of experience.
  • Each program has a technical description for use, configuration in the form of text and video.

Why is it beneficial to us

Брокер платит за лицензию из своего дохода от спреда или комиссии. Согласно партнерскому соглашению, мы получаем оплату за лицензию в виде процента от спреда или комиссии, которую заработал брокер. Таким образом получается, что чем больше прибыли получит трейдер тем больше брокер заплатит нам за программное обеспечение. Мы напрямую заинтересованы в успешной и прибыльной торговли каждого пользователя наших программ.

Why is it beneficial for brokers

In the same way as we do, the more profit the trader receives, the more the broker earns on the spread and commission. The broker is directly interested in the success of its clients. In order for clients to earn more, brokers try to provide clients with maximum opportunities, including high-quality software.

Registration with a partner broker

To get a trading advisor, you need to open an account with the Roboforex broker using our affiliate code shzw.

What to do if you are already registered with RoboForex

If you are already registered with RoboForex, you can also get an adviser for free, for this you will need to open a new account on which the adviser will trade with our affiliate code shzw.

You can open an MT4 or MT5 account of your choice.

We recommend the following types of accounts:

  • MT4 Pro
  • MT4 Procent
  • Mt5 Pro
  • MT5Pro cent

The type of account you need to choose depending on the size of your deposit, if your deposit is less than $2500, then open a cent account for MT4 or MT5, in other cases, the usual account type will suit you.

Step after registering and opening an account

After registering and opening an account, write me the account number in Instagram, Telegram or WhatsApp in a personal message, after that I will help you with the settings and give you an adviser.

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