How to calculate the exact risk on a forex trade. EasyTradePad Tool


Calculating the risk per trade in trading is a very routine process and requires a lot of knowledge, such as:

A trader can find most of the necessary data in the contract specification.

By opening the market overview and selecting a specification.

But the process of calculating the risk per trade does not end there, since the trader will still need to calculate the exact risk that he needs for this particular transaction using the correct formula. As you can see, this is not a quick process and it will be inconvenient to make transactions freely using this approach.

Tools to speed up the process of opening deals

In trading, the speed of decision making is very important, one of the options to speed up the settlement of trade is to use the trader’s calculator to calculate the risk. But with it, you still cannot visually adjust the desired input for the transaction and place orders in one click.

Faced with this problem, the SoftimoTrade team developed the multifunctional EasyTradePad. Using this panel, you can easily open a deal with the required volume, all the formulas have already been written, all that remains is to set the risk and place the SL and TP directly on the chart.

How to calculate the risk on a forex trade in $ using EasyTradePad in the MT4 and MT5 terminals

A trade in $ is opened by pressing the% key, which changes to $, this means that now the risk per Forex transaction will be calculated in the currency of your deposit. In general, this allows you to calculate the risk not only in $, but in any currency of your deposit, be it rubles, hryvnia or any other currency.

In parallel, risks in the deposit currency can be adjusted directly on the chart, which is very convenient.

Video instruction “How to calculate risk on Forex in % and $ deposit currency inside terminal MT4 and MT5”

Video guide “How to calculate the risk per transaction in trading in% of the deposit in the MT4 and MT5 terminals”

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