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Dear friend, let me tell you about myself and about SoftimoTrade.

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My name is Sergey Batudaev, I am the mastermind and chief software developer at SoftimoTrade.

I started studying finance in 2011. At the moment, I have all the extensive knowledge base in this area.

Behind my shoulders:

  • master’s degree in finance
  • work in a brokerage company
  • published book and several scientific articles
  • more than 20 personally developed software products for traders

You can read more about the company here. More details about me here.

What's interesting you will find on the SoftimoTrade website

Financial Markets Trading Blog

On the pages of the blog, you can read my articles on finance.

They say if you want to learn something, find those who have already achieved success in this direction and use their experience.

Most of the articles will focus on the following:

  • Consideration of the principles of successful trading. Here I will talk about my own and others’ mistakes in trading.
  • Analysis of the experience of successful traders such as Larry Williams, Alexander Elder, Jack Schwager and others.
  • Consideration of tools for earning, both for manual and automated trading using robots.

Section Soft - a list of programs developed by me

On the pages of the store, you will find useful programs for a trader, both in paid and free access.

More useful information in social networks

Dear friend, if you are an active user of social networks, then you may be interested in watching my channels on YouTube and Telegram.

In Telegram, I publish company news, blog updates, as well as my deals and trading recommendations. I try to publish only interesting news, so posts are not published often.

I hope you find it interesting, I will be glad to see you in my subscribers.

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