SoftimoTrade stock screener for selecting profitable assets

The basic law of the market working on any assets is to buy at a cheaper price, sell at a more expensive one. Therefore, identifying overbought and oversold levels is an important trading skill when trading stocks, currencies and a number of other assets.

The problem is that your terminal may have dozens or even hundreds of instruments and it is physically impossible to manually track the change for each instrument.

So how do you pick profitable stocks that are up or down more than usual?

We have a solution to this problem, SoftimoTrade stock screener

SoftimoTrade Screener is a screener that allows you to identify assets that are more than usually overbought (there was an increase above the average) or oversold (there was a fall more than the average) within a selected period of time (time frame).

The stock screener will help you:

The stock screener has an intuitive interface:

We hope that Screener SoftimoTrade will help you to intelligently manage risks, make rational trading decisions and become your reliable assistant in trading /




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