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Published: 09.01.2021

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This Expert Advisor uses the strategy of catching sharp recoil movements, both during growth and fall, which is why the words Pump and Dump appear in the name of the robot, which gives an association with the old exchange strategy of shorting overvalued assets.

When trading on the selected asset, the advisor takes into account the trend and opens deals only according to the current trend, unprofitable deals can be closed both by stop and using averaging, the second option is certainly more profitable but also more risky

All trend strategies are based on simple and very correct logic, namely:

All three postulates are observed in this advisor.

Determining the trend for 2 timeframes, entering trades at the most favorable moment, when the price is overbought / oversold more than usual, the correction levels SL and TP are visible on the charts.

Explaining the strategy

– for a downtrend ↓ we enter into a deal after a corrective price increase, the asset falls into the overbought zone, we sell along the trend.

– for an uptrend, we conclude a deal after a corrective fall in the price, the asset falls into the oversold zone, we buy according to the trend.

Online monitoring of the advisor

Pump and Dump Pro Features

This advisor is aimed at those who have experience in independent trading, worked with advisors that use averaging tactics.

Trades can be opened by a signal from the iPump indicator or manually.

When you decide to open trades on iPump, you can control the desired direction of entry, for example, if you leave only the Trade Sell button red, the EA will only open short positions (you can use either the built-in trend panel or the iPump indicator to select a trend).

For manual opening, press the <iPump> button and the strategy will change to <Hand>.

Then when you click on the “Trade Buy” or “Trade Sell” button, orders will open in the selected direction.

The “Close all Buy” and “Close all Sell” buttons are used to close orders.

This technique will allow you to choose the place at which price level to add a position before opening an order.

Even if you do not select the desired level, the EA will place an order according to a predetermined distance.

The selection appears at a specified distance controlled in the settings.

At the moment when the opportunity to adjust the averaging level opens, you will receive a notification from the advisor in the form of an email / push-message or notification (alert) or even in the form of an SMS-message.

All of these settings will help you specify the exact level of risk for the current trade.

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