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Buy the product now, but you need the MetaTrader platform installed on your PC to run.

License: 3 real and 1 demo account, with the possibility of replacement.


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EA Univers for a test period

EA Universe – this is a trading robot for MT4, having in its arsenal the ability to trade on the following indicators:

  • MACD
  • CCI
  • WPR
  • AO

The choice of a traded indicator can be made in the internal settings of the adviser.

The working time frame of the H1 adviser, but it can also be used on a younger TF, this will increase the number of transactions, respectively profitability and risk.

The Lite version has several limitations, you can use only the minimum lot, only the WPR indicator is available, the working time is 7 days. If you want to expand the functionality, go to the pro version.

Test results

Advantages of the Universe Expert Advisor

Basically, most deals are closed within an hour, rarely when deals hang for more than a day, this allows you not to get emotional stress from using an adviser.

The adviser has high profitability with an average drawdown oy can make from 5 to 15% per month, the average drawdown is 5-20%. You can set the final risks yourself, set the marginal risk by equity, or close deals by limiting the maximum duration of the deal. In my trading, with the predicted market movement, I add funds when the drawdown increases, you can do the same, but you must consciously understand what you are doing and what you are risking, the ultimate risk is always on you, so do not be greedy, sometimes it is better to take a loss and continue trading.

To control risks in the Expert Advisor, you can limit the maximum number of orders for averaging, as well as the equity risk.

Not one adviser will not be the Grail in the market, this adviser also has its own weaknesses, let’s talk about them.

The EA uses averaging with a multiplier lot, you need to understand this before using the EA, however, the strategy performed well in both backtesting and live trading.

The coefficient of increase in orders for building averaging can be independently adjusted, which will allow you to independently reduce or increase the risk in trading. Thus, you can completely turn off the martingale in trading.

The Lot Multiplier setting is responsible for adjusting the coefficient.

Trading results on a real account

Monitoring MyFxbook

Online monitoring of MQL5 account

Recommendations for using the adviser

Deposit from $100 on a cent account or from $2500 on a regular account. Trading lot 0.01 for every 2000 signs of the deposit. The recommended leverage is 1:500 and above. I will give out a set of files and recommendations for setting up to all my clients, instructions on how to get an adviser are described below.

How to get an advisor for Free?

To get an advisor, simply add the product to your cart and checkout at zero cost.

2 reviews for EA Univers for a test period

  1. Russian

    VIKRAMSINGH RAJPUROHIT (verified owner)

    this is great EA and good result

    • Russian



  2. English

    VIKRAMSINGH RAJPUROHIT (verified owner)

    this is great EA and good result

    • English



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