We invite partners to cooperate with payments from 25 to 50%

Dear friends, you have the opportunity to make good money by recommending our programs to other traders.

From each purchase of a person who came from you, you receive from 25 to 50%, depending on the preliminary agreement and the seriousness of your work.

The percentage is calculated from the net profit received from the mql5 company, in turn, mql5 takes 20% from each sale.

The math is simple: when your friend buys our product on the mql5.com website for example for $2500, we agreed on a 50% payment, you receive $1,000 commission (since mql5.com takes $500 commission for itself).

How to become a partner

Write to me in a Telegram to discuss partnerships. Briefly tell us how you plan to attract people, and we will discuss your compensation.

In some cases, if you are a no-no and you do not have thematic resources on trading, you may need a verified account on the mql5.com website, and also be the owner of one of our paid products, this is done only to avoid fraud.

Write to me in telegram or whatsapp to discuss the possibility of partnership in the sale of my products posted on the MQL5 market.

Condition for payments

The conditions are very simple, after the purchase your client must send you a screenshot from the Payments section on the mql5 website where the date and time of the purchase is indicated (the time will appear if you hover your mouse over the date). Your reward is paid after 7 days from the date of purchase, to the details by prior agreement. Payment is available on the 7th day since MQL5 blocks funds for 7 days and we do not have access to them, so as soon as the funds appear with us, we will immediately make a payment to you.

Where to find our products

All paid products of SoftimoTrade are officially sold only on the MQL5.com website in the market section.

Why you should cooperate with us

We respect your reputation as well as the time and trust of your audience

The SoftimoTrade team has been successfully developing and promoting professional software for traders for several years. We know what it takes to increase sales and get commissions in your pocket.

SoftimoTrade is a reliable supplier of trading robots and utilities on the market, we are primarily interested in how a trader will benefit from our products, so it is prestigious to be our partner.

We strive to develop the most useful programs that will help increase the profitability of a trader, so you can confidently recommend each product sold to other traders.

I wish you successful sales and big commissions.


Best Regards,

Sergey Batudaev

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