SoftimoTrade – trading robots, advisors for trading

At the moment, all our developments are exhibited in the market page.

The original programs can only be bought there.

Only original programs will have 5 licenses, allowing them to be used on 5 different PCs, with no limit on the number of trading accounts.

Do you want to know 100% that you will receive the money you earn?

Register using the link above and be sure that the money you earn will be in your wallet!

Yes, there is such a possibility. To do this, you need to open an account through our affiliate link with a recommended broker.

More information about this type of license is described here

Our trading robots are for sale in the market, they have reviews and history, we have a public project, we have a website that we have been seeing since 2017, and this already says a lot.

We don’t sell Grail products, we sell developments that will simplify your trading, we don’t sell one type of super grail robot, we have a rich range of products for trade automation, including trading panels, risk control utilities, order opening and of course trading strategies in the form of trading advisers /EA .

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