Impuls Pro EA Variables

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Maximum spread Maximum spread. It is important if the spread is larger for the tested currency pair, then positions will not be opened

Signal settings

iPump indicator signal for


IPump indicator signal for Buy
iPump indicator signal for


IPump indicator signal for sales
Time    frame    for     analysis iPump to find the entry timeframe for analysis the iPump indicator to find the entry point
Maximum number of trade

allowed in one bar

USE confirmation candle Use confirmatory bullish / bearish candlestick in the desired direction after receiving a signal from iPump
TF confirming candle TF confirming candles
Two side trade Trade in two directions, without waiting for the closing of the transaction in the opposite direction direction.

Settings Take Profit

Use take profit in pips True -if you want use take profit in pips
TP size in pips TP size in pips
TP calculation price estimated price for TP (from 1 orders / or take profit at the average price)

Settings Stop Loss

Risk Control Option Selection Choice of control option risks
Maximum loss in % Maximum loss in%
The maximum loss in pips Maximum loss in pips

Setting Trend

Use            double            trend confirmation use double confirmation of the trend when opening a position, if false, then use only the main trend
TF_Trend_1 main trend to


Time frame for trend 1
TF_Trend_2 additional trend Time frame for trend 2
MA type for trend MA type for trend analysis
price type for MA price type for MA
MA period MA period

Money Management

Autolot. If false, a fixed first

lot is used

Autolot. If false, use

fixed first lot

Autolot. Calculated as a % of the deposit Autolot -calculated as a percentage of the deposit, taking into account the fact that the estimated pips size is indicated in the amount of “SL pips size for autolot

calculation “

SL    pips    size    for    autolot calculation the size of the estimated SL for compiling an autolot, this technique is used on the basis that during averaging we do not have an initial SL, and the calculation of the risk requires this magnitudes.
Fixed first lot Starting lot

Settings Piramiding

Using pyramiding using a pyramid, adding orders when the price moves in direction of the transaction
Use    the    market    type    of pyramiding orders use market type pyramidal orders; if false, limit orders will be placed
% of the price move for triggering pyramiding % of the price movement to launch orders with a pyramid, for example, if = 50, then after 50% to the current TP there will be added additional order
Reducing    the    volume    of pyramid order if true then it will happen reduction of the volume of each subsequent order in the pyramid
%       reduction      of       each

subsequent pyramid order

% Reduction of each

subsequent order of the pyramid


Settings Averaging

Use manual placement level for averaging use manual placement of limit orders to average the position (if you forget to select the averaging level, the EA will do it itself based on the step and distance between averaging orders)
Distance_for_notice distance_for_notice – distance to the averaging order, after which a warning about the possibility of choosing a placement level is displayed averaging prices.

Notification with alert

Notify using Push notify using Push, except You must first configure sending to Push
Notify by email notify by e-mail, You need to configure sending mail
Distance_for_open minimum distance between current price and next order
Distance between averaging


Distance between averaged
Step from the first order to

the averaging order

Distance from the first order in series up to 1 order of averaging
Plus the distance added to to the break-even point when closing orders for averaging, for example, serves as TP for averaging series
Use the same lot for all

averaging orders

if true, all averaging orders will be opened with the lot of the first order
Multiplication       factor        of averaging orders volume multiplication factor for each subsequent order when averaging
Accounting      swap       when


accounting for a negative swap when closing average positions

Settings Drawdown

Price type for calculating the

max DD

price type for calculating the maximum


Max Loss stay by price if = true, the Max Loss line will remain at the level of the originally specified price (the level will remain at the same price, while the volume of losses at averaging will increase)
Delete orders in excess max


give orders when exceeded maximum drawdown
Pause in hours after deleting

orders at max DD

pause in hours after deletion orders after the maximum drawdown
Alert when the maxDD is


alert when triggered maximum drawdown
Push      when max DD is


push notification when the maximum drawdown is triggered
Email alert when max DD is triggered email alert when the maximum drawdown is triggered

Settings Security Profit

Security profit function (SP) function of saving a certain profit level if = true the function is enabled
Distance     after          SL     is

transferred to the SP

distance after which SL translated to the distance Secutity Profit
Secutity Profit pips Size Secutity Profit size in points

Close position if change trend sets

fixed loss if the trend has


fixing the current loss, if the trend has changed
TF analyzed trend for closing selection of TF for fixed loss if function the trend has changed when the trend changes
MA period for the closing

function trend changes

MA period for fixed loss if function the trend has changed

Alternative TP variants

<===TP in %===>
Use TP in% of deposit on / off. TP in% of the deposit,

if = True then the function is enabled


TP in % of the deposit TP in% of the deposit
<===TP in ATR pips===>
Use TP calculated by  ATR


Use TP calculated by ATR indicator
ATP      indicator      TF      for

calculating TP

setting the ATR timeframe for

TP calculation

ATP    indicator    period    for

calculating TP

ATP indicator period for TP calculation
ATP       size       multiplication coefficient Multiplication factor for the ATP size to calculate TP, for example, factor = 0.7 ATP = 400 pips. then TP = 400 * 0.7 = 280 points
<==TP in inverse signal of

the iPump indicator==>

TP calculated by the inverse

signal of the iPump

TF for calculating the return signal TP

by iPump

iPump values for TP buy TP values ​​for closing a buy position by a signal indicator iPump
iPump values for TP sell TP values ​​for closing a position to sell on the signal of the iPump indicator

MA trend filter for input

distance   from    the    current

price to MA

minimum distance from current price before MA trend 1
distance from current price to

additional trend MA

minimum distance from current price to MA of trend 2

Close position if change trend

MA     type     for     calculating

position closures

MA type for closing calculation positions when the trend changes
MA price type for calculating

position closure

MA price type for closing calculation positions when the trend changes
MA shift for to calculate a

position closure

MA shift for closing calculation positions when the trend changes

Other Trading Sets

Source data for calculating %


Initial data for calculating %  functions
Allow buy trades Allow purchases
Allow sell trades Allow the sale of trades
maximum slippage maximum slippage
Level Signature Font Size Font size for signature levels
Addition iPump indicator


Use     iPump     filter     when

opening a position

true / false enable filter by iPump when opening a position
maximum    overbought     for opening buy maximum value overbought to open buy trades
maximum       oversold       for opening sell the maximum oversold value for opening deals on sale

Settings Info Panel

Show background color in

info panel

Show background color on dashboard
Show info panel Show dashboard
Panel text color Panel text color
Level Label Text Color Level Label Text Color
Coefficient for multiplying the average iPump multiplication factor average iPump for the current pair
Period for calculating iPump


period for calculating the averag iPump coefficient
TF calculation of the average

iPump coefficient

TF for calculating the average iPump coefficient

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