how to start testing the demo version of the adviser downloaded from the mql5 market in the mt4 strategy tester

Download demo version

To download a demo version of an Expert Advisor from the MQL5 Market, follow these steps:

  1. Create an MQL5 account. If you don’t have an MQL5 account yet, you need to create one. Go to the MQL5 website ( ) and register a free account.
  2. Download and install MetaTrader: To use the EA, you must have MetaTrader installed on your computer. Download the appropriate version of MetaTrader (MT4 or MT5) from the official website of your preferred broker or from (for MT4) or (for MT5).
  3. Login to your MQL5 account in MetaTrader: open MetaTrader and go to “Tools” in the main menu. Click Options, then go to the Community tab. Enter your MQL5 login and password and click OK.
  4. Accessing the MQL5 Market: In MetaTrader, click on the “Market” tab in the “Toolbar” window located at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t see the Toolbox window, you can enable it by going to View from the main menu and selecting Toolbox.
  5. Find the Expert Advisor (EA) you want to download: Browse or find the Expert Advisor you need in the MQL5 Market. When you find it, click on its name to open the product page.

6. Download the demo: on the product page. It can be downloaded directly from the terminal or from the site page, while you have to open the site from a laptop or computer, you can’t install it from your phone.

Let’s start testing

To start testing the demo version of an Expert Advisor (EA) downloaded from the MQL5 Market in the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Strategy Tester, follow these steps:

1.Open the strategy tester: a. Press “Ctrl+R” on your keyboard or go to the “View” menu and select “Strategy Tester”.

2.Set up the strategy tester:

A. On the “Strategy Tester” panel, select an Expert Advisor from the “Expert Advisor” drop-down menu.

B. Select the desired currency pair and timeframe from the “Symbol” and “Period” drop-down menus respectively.

V. Set your testing dates in the Use Date section by checking the box and choosing your desired start and end dates. e. In the “Spread” section, select the appropriate spread to test.

3. Set the test parameters: Click the “Expert Properties” button to set up the test.

What to do if the test does not start

If testing the Expert Advisor in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) does not start, try the following steps:

  1. Check settings:
  • Make sure the EA is installed in the correct folder. Usually it is “MQL4/Experts” in the MT4 program directory.
  • Check the Strategy Tester settings – select the correct Expert Advisor, currency pair, time frame and testing period.

2. Check logs:

  • Open “Terminal” (the button at the bottom of the MT4 screen), go to the “Experts” and “Journal” tabs. There may be entries indicating problems with the EA or testing.

3. Check the EA parameters:

  • Some Expert Advisors have parameters that need to be configured before use. Open the Expert Advisor settings in the Strategy Tester window and make sure that all parameters are correct.

4. Make sure that all the necessary quotes are available for testing on this currency pair

  • In the top menu of MT4, select “Tools/History center”, select the desired currency pair, click on the M1 TF and click the Download button, try testing again.

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