Forex Expert Advisor Ice Cube Scalper


Brief description of the strategy

The Ice Cube Scalper Expert Advisor is a daily scalper that performs a large number of trades daily, taking several points with each trade.

The EA’s strategy is based on candlestick analysis using the RSI indicator.

The working time frame of the H1 adviser, but it can also be used on a younger TF, this will increase the number of transactions, respectively profitability and risk.

To control risks in the Expert Advisor, you can limit the maximum number of orders for averaging, as well as the equity risk.

The EA opens a large number of trades, about 7 per day for 1 instrument, on average I trade 4 currency pairs, which gives approximately 30 trades per day or 214 trades per week.

Test results

Benefits of the Ice Cube Expert Advisor

Basically, most deals are closed within an hour, rarely when deals hang for more than a day, this allows you not to get emotional stress from using an adviser.

The adviser has a high profitability with an average drawdown from below to make from 5 to 15% per month, + about 15% more can be received on a rebate, but this is not a fairy tale, the adviser really bangs money in the literal sense.

The EA can work on MT4 and MT5 terminals.

To control risks in the Expert Advisor, you can limit the maximum number of orders for averaging, as well as the equity risk.

Most of the time, if I did not close the trade, the adviser will have online monitoring on MyFxbook, where you can see its results in real trading, a link to monitoring is provided below in the article.

Not one adviser will not be the Grail in the market, this adviser also has its own weaknesses, let’s talk about them.

The EA uses averaging with a multiplier increase in the lot, in fact it is a kind of martingale, you need to understand this before using the EA, nevertheless, the strategy performed well both in backtesting and in real trading.

The coefficient of increase in orders for building averaging can be independently adjusted, which will allow you to independently reduce or increase the risk in trading.

The Lot Multiplier setting is responsible for adjusting the coefficient.

Online monitoring


Reviews from real users

Recommendations for using the adviser

Deposit from $100 on a cent account or from $2500 on a regular account. Trading lot 0.01 for every 2000 signs of the deposit. The recommended leverage is 1:500 and above. I will give out a set of files and recommendations for setting up to all my clients, instructions on how to get an adviser are described below.

How to get an advisor for free

In order to get an adviser for free, you need to register with our affiliate broker RoboForex using our affiliate link or, if you are already registered, open an account with the affiliate code shzw. Read more about the procedure for proper registration and opening an account below.

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