How to earn 300 – 500% of your deposit for one Forex trade. A tool for overclocking a deposit.


Most beginners are looking for an advisor to quickly accelerate a deposit, and indeed, for accurate and fast calculations within the framework of such a task as deposit acceleration, the appropriate software is needed. Within the framework of this article, I will disclose the necessary information to open transactions with the highest possible potential for increasing the account.

Nuances when overclocking a deposit

The first thing you need to understand is that the more your leverage, the greater the volume of the transaction you can open and, accordingly, earn more. But here it is important to understand that if you are already taking the maximum risk, then you need to know the exact answers in numbers to the following questions:

The answer to all the described questions can be found using a calculator, but you need to know all the formulas for the calculation and then make this calculation, which in most cases, due to the complexity, the trader ignores and opens an approximate deal, without accurately understanding the potential profit / loss.

As part of my work, I once faced the task of calculating these indicators, and implemented their automation within the EasyTradePad Expert Advisor for overclocking the deposit.

How to open maximum allowed volumes with EasyTradePad

With this trading panel for overclocking a deposit, you can at times calculate the necessary parameters for opening a deal.

In order to calculate the maximum allowable risk, you need to move the mouse to the R% section and a pop-up window will show you information about the maximum lot that can be set for a transaction, plus in the SLp column you can immediately indicate which TP you want to receive and the size of c in points.

The most convenient way is to calculate the order placement levels directly on the chart. To do this, simply uncheck the Ins button and set the desired trade values directly on the chart, it can be a market or limit order.

In this picture, we can see that the risk can be indicated directly in the blue column within the order’s infobox, while moving the Сl and TP lines, the risk will be adjusted according to the lines on the chart.


After opening a trade, you will see the stop out level for your broker, which will also more accurately indicate your maximum possible risk.

All these tools will allow you, with the right entry point, to increase your profits, taking into account the maximum possible resources and risks.

In addition to calculating risk, EasyTradePad has functions such as

You can familiarize yourself with the deposit acceleration advisor at this link –

For more details, see the video explanation of this function.

Video instruction for calculating a deal to accelerate a deposit on Forex

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